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➯ Imperial Woman  Read ➸ Author Pearl S. Buck – Plummovies.info Imperial Woman Is The Fictionalized Biography Of The Last Empress In China, Ci Xi, Who Began As A Concubine Of The Xianfeng Emperor And On His Death Became The De Facto Head Of The Qing Dynasty Until Her Death In Buck Recreates The Life Of One Of The Most Intriguing Rulers During A Time Of Intense TurbulenceTzu Hsi Was Born Into One Of The Lowly Ranks Of The Imperial Dynasty According To Custom, She Moved To The Forbidden City At The Age Of Seventeen To Become One Of Hundreds Of Concubines But Her Singular Beauty And Powers Of Manipulation Quickly Moved Her Into The Position Of Second ConsortTzu Hsi Was Feared And Hated By Many In The Court, But Adored By The People The Empress S Rise To Power Even During Her Husband S Life Parallels The Story Of China S Transition From The Ancient To The Modern Way

10 thoughts on “Imperial Woman

  1. Aubrey Aubrey says:

    Before I attempt to say anything about this novel, I simply wish to note that I do not in any way award these five stars out of some misguided sentiment that this book accurately portrays China and all its entailing history as its own cultural members would The most concrete experience I have w

  2. Richard Derus Richard Derus says:

    Rating 3.5 of five rounded up The Publisher Says Imperial Woman is the fictionalized biography of the last Empress in China, Ci xi, who began as a concubine of the Xianfeng Emperor and on his death became the de facto head of the Qing Dynasty until her death in 1908 Buck recreates the life of on

  3. Margitte Margitte says:

    Portrait of Tzu hsi by Hubert Vos, 1906In the Foreword to this book, the author says the following TZU HSI, THE LAST ruling Empress of China, was a woman so diverse in her gifts, so contradictory in her behavior, so rich in the many aspects of her personality, that it is difficult to comprehend a

  4. Alice Poon Alice Poon says:

    This historical novel was first published in 1956, some forty eight years after the death of the last Qing Empress Cixi named Tzu Hsi in the book It tells her extraordinary life story from childhood to the time near her death.The author skillfully weaved intricate historical accounts of Cixi s 47

  5. Tania Tania says:

    Good and evil mingled in her, but always in heroic dimensions.3.5 stars This is the story of Empress Tzu hsi, who ruled the Manchu dynasty in China for 47 years In 1852 she was selected as a concubine for the Emperor She was extremely strong willed and decided that she would become the Emperor s fa

  6. Maurice Becnel Maurice Becnel says:

    I read this book for the first time when I was in fifth grade My mom was is an avid reader and Pearl S buck is one of the authors she really enjoyed She encouraged me to read it thinking, I believe, it would keep me out of her hair for a month or so as a kid this seemed a pretty fat book at the time

  7. Sheri McEntire Sheri McEntire says:

    This might be my all time favorite book It had historical properties, strong women, lots of descriptive scenery and well developed characters I learned alot about China.

  8. Dana Stabenow Dana Stabenow says:

    I think perhaps Buck didn t know exactly what she wanted to write here You can t have the love interest off stage for 90 percent of the time if you re writing a romance If you re writing an historical epic you can t confine your character to one location of such a vast country If you re writing a caut

  9. Huyen Huyen says:

    so here you go China at its most peculiar and perplexing in a turbulent and precarious time Imperial Woman is story of the life of Tsu Hsi Empress of the early twentieth century, one of the most formidable and powerful women in China s history She s up there with Wu Zetian and Jiang Qing as the most ru

  10. Sara Sara says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed learning about this era and this court culture, neither of which I knew anything about The book is not always the easiest to read but what I took away from it far outweighs the sometimes slow reading and awkward sentences.

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