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[Epub] ↠ Gut and Psychology Syndrome: Natural Treatment for Autism, ADD/ADHD, Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, Depression, Schizophrenia Author Natasha Campbell-McBride – Plummovies.info Dr Natasha Campbell McBride Set Up The Cambridge Nutrition Clinic In As A Parent Of A Child Diagnosed With Learning Difficulties, She Was Acutely Aware Of The Difficulties Facing Other Parents Like Her, And She Has Devoted Much Of Her Time To Helping These Families She Realised That Nutrition Played A Critical Role In Helping Children And Adults To Overcome Their Disabilities, And Has Pioneered The Use Of Probiotics In This FieldHer Willingness To Share Her Knowledge Has Resulted In Her Contributing To Many Publications, As Well As Presenting At Numerous Seminars And Conferences On The Subjects Of Learning Disabilities And Digestive Disorders Her Book Gut And Psychology Syndrome Captures Her Experience And Knowledge, Incorporating Her Most Recent WorkShe Believes That The Link Between Learning Disabilities, The Food And Drink That We Take, And The Condition Of Our Digestive System Is Absolute, And The Results Of Her Work Have Supported Her Position On This Subject In Her Clinic, Parents Discuss All Aspects Of Their Child S Condition, Confident In The Knowledge That They Are Not Only Talking To A Professional But To A Parent Who Has Lived Their Experience Her Deep Understanding Of The Challenges They Face, Puts Her Advice In A Class Of It S Own

10 thoughts on “Gut and Psychology Syndrome: Natural Treatment for Autism, ADD/ADHD, Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, Depression, Schizophrenia

  1. Rochelle Rochelle says:

    Any book that uses Andrew Wakefield as a legitimate source loses, well, all credibility with me.As much as I d love to find a natural treatment to ADHD, a book that sites a former doctor who published fraudulent research which sent the vaccine world all a tizzy, that blames bottle feeding moms for not establishing the flora in their infant s guts, and then later blames breastf

  2. Jeniann Jeniann says:

    I wrote a glowing review of this book two years ago, and since then many people have read my review and commented on it, many of whom I do not know, I feel that I must change my review somewhat at this point so that what I have learned can be helpful to others.As I initially stated in my review, the concepts in this book have tremendous potential for healing gut problems Within mon

  3. Brad Belschner Brad Belschner says:

    I now realize the science behind this book is rather unsubstantiated Most people will doharm to themselves than good by following the dietary advice in this book If you ve read this book, or you re considering reading it, I strongly encourage you to get a book or two from Matt Stone instead His research is far superior and gives much better results.

  4. Lisa C Lisa C says:

    This book blew me away with information I had never heard before It really drove home to me because I have clearly had the GAPS condition all my life So many puzzle pieces put together for me It may not be the answer for everything or everyone, but in the niche of where gut disorders and psychological disorders meet, this is one solid book I ve been following the protocol as outlined in the

  5. Angie Libert Angie Libert says:

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE this book I have read it before and I will reread it again because it is so full of answers to all of my questions Why are people allergic to food and pollen and animals, when God made both for our enjoyment What is up with autism and dyslexia Are ADD and ADHD real Why are most Americans on anti depressants Why would God make a child with Type 1 Diabetes How do you overcome Candi

  6. Asho Asho says:

    In the search for better health for my family plagued by autoimmune conditions, I came across the GAPS diet A lot of well written and researched books articles I have been reading point to this style of diet being a healthy one, so despite my trepidation at the book claiming to cure all manner of psychological conditions including, but not limited to, autism, ADD and schizophrenia, I took the plunge a

  7. Martha Love Martha Love says:

    Dr Natasha Campbell McBride has done an excellent job of explaining how people with GAP have a compromised immune system and how to heal these deficiencies through diet Although my family seems to have healthy guts, I have learned so much by reading her book that will surely help to keep us all healthy There is a wealth of information in this book about maintaining gut health through diet Here are three of

  8. Iona Stewart Iona Stewart says:

    This is an invaluable book, which has provided me with essential information.The author, Dr Campbell McBride, is a specialist in the gut She states that all diseases stem from an imbalanced gut, The present epidemic in children of ADHD ADD, dyspraxia extreme clumsiness , dyslexia, autism, allergies, etc etc all stem from a gut disorder compromised immune system She terms this gut disorder Gut and Psychology Syn

  9. Amber Amber says:

    Hands down the best book on health and nutrition I have ever read I ve only been on the diet for 2 weeks, but have already lost 8lbs I ve had a rash on my forehead for years, and it is gone As a bonus, I think the gelatin is improving my skin I have horrible stretch marks, and they look and feel greatly improved I didn t even know that was possible The book has a lot of technical information, but is presented in a w

  10. Stephanie Stephanie says:

    Brilliant, but the question is, am I strong enough to do it 4 stars instead of 5 stars because healing your gut should be flipping easier and I am officially depressed.

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