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[Ebook] Less Than Zero By Bret Easton Ellis – Plummovies.info Set In Los Angeles In The Early S, This Coolly Mesmerizing Novel Is A Raw, Powerful Portrait Of A Lost Generation Who Have Experienced Sex, Drugs, And Disaffection At Too Early An Age, In A World Shaped By Casual Nihilism, Passivity, And Too Much Money A Place Devoid Of Feeling Or HopeClay Comes Home For Christmas Vacation From His Eastern College And Re Enters A Landscape Of Limitless Privilege And Absolute Moral Entropy, Where Everyone Drives Porches, Dines At Spago, And Snorts Mountains Of Cocaine He Tries To Renew Feelings For His Girlfriend, Blair, And For His Best Friend From High School, Julian, Who Is Careering Into Hustling And Heroin Clay S Holiday Turns Into A Dizzying Spiral Of Desperation That Takes Him Through The Relentless Parties In Glitzy Mansions, Seedy Bars, And Underground Rock Clubs And Also Into The Seamy World Of LA After Dark

10 thoughts on “Less Than Zero

  1. Jessica Jessica says:

    This book seems boring and shallow, and reading it gives me an anesthetized, hollow, detached feeling that I would not describe as entirely pleasant.And yet I cannot se

  2. mark monday mark monday says:

    some books are like the face of Justin Long this is a highly punchable face don t you just want to punch that smug look right off of his corny face it is a face born for being

  3. Krok Zero Krok Zero says:

    Last year I spent a few months as an intern for a major national arts publication, which shall remain nameless because that makes me look cooler than if I just blurted it out I had a f

  4. Kevin Kelsey Kevin Kelsey says:

    Unloved rich kids in 80s L.A desperately try to feel something It s depressing and disheartening, but worth it if you can stomach the apathy and hedonism It s pretty awful at times the events

  5. Ratscats Ratscats says:

    Rich kids doing drugs Ugh.Actually, my view of this book was kind of distorted by this man I used to work with at this coffee shop.He was a huge fan if this author And he was also a writer himself pub

  6. Jr Bacdayan Jr Bacdayan says:

    This novel irritated me but at the same time I couldn t take my hands off it I so clearly recognized the hardened apathy reflected in the eyes of Clay He is a young man immobile, paralyzed by indecision, slow

  7. Whitney Atkinson Whitney Atkinson says:

    TW drug abuse, pedophiliaThe person who recommended this to me cited it as her favorite book of all time, but she had read it for a class, so I think we had different experiences with it This book is steeped in melan

  8. Kathryn Kathryn says:

    Books of this nature age well with me I keep thinking about what happened, what Ellis might have meant I find it fascinating what people walk away with from this and American Psycho It seems rather obvious to me that this bo

  9. Derek Derek says:

    Why should I care about Bret Easton Ellis characters if he doesn t care about them The aptly titled Less Than Zero didn t bother to go into the character s inner dialogue anythan it bothered to show a character that anyone might car

  10. Pedro Pedro says:

    I read this book with the constant eerie feeling that I was reading someone else s diary I wanted to stop but couldn t And trust me, this was proper scary stuff How simple it is to stop caring or not to be afraid to lose if you think there

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